How to stop Back Pain using only Home Remedies.

Lower back pain can be annoying and debilitating. Not only does it severely constrict movement, sometimes even sitting down to rest can cause a lot of pain. It’s safe to say that once severe lower back pain hits, we often have no choice other than to stay in bed and wait it out until it gets better. Also, this kind of pain is unavoidable and everyone experiences it at some point in their lives.

While lying in bed and taking over the counter medication is helpful, they aren’t long term solutions. It is always better to employ more proactive treatments that will help you overcome the pain. There are many natural pain relief products such as the ones offered by MY. Dr Pain Relief that uses natural ingredients for effectively treating lower back pain.

Before diving into the top 4 recommended ways to get relief from lower back pain, let’s look at some common symptoms of lower back pain so you can catch it early and take steps to treat it before it becomes a big issue.

Common Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

  1. Difficulty in sitting down from standing or vice versa. This could be an ache in the lower back or a constriction in movement.
  2. Sharp pain in the lower back while walking or running.
  3. Feeling of numbness in the lower back or the upper glutes.
  4. Dull ache in the lower back which flares up unexpectedly into severe pain.

If these persist or you had a bad fall recently, best consult a doctor to make sure you’re okay.

Are You Feeling any of this Symptoms then

5 Best Lower Back Pain Treatments

1. Topical Pain Relief Products :-

Topical Pain Relief Products are applied directly on the parts that are affected with pain. If your lower back pain is acute, topical products such as sprays, oils or rubs can help you manage it effectively. It is better to choose a natural or ayurvedic product that does not affect your body in adverse ways so you can test different methods and products to see what suits you best.

2. Lower Back Massage :-

A lower back massage can relax the muscles in your back giving you long term relief from lower back pain. It increases blood supply to sore muscles and joints, warming them up and relieving pain. Using Ayurvedic Oils for your massage can give further benefits, since these are analgesic in nature and will seep into your muscles and heal them from the inside.

3. Exercise :-

Controlled exercise is always a good method to improve physical ailments. But be mindful of not making your pain worse. Exercise also makes your back more flexible, decreasing the chances of future injury. To treat lower back pain, start with small back stretches, without straining your muscles too much.

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4. Acupuncture :-

Acupuncture is an ancient pain relief therapy which relieves pain by identifying several pressure points in the body and inserting needles at these points through the skin. It is a proven lower back pain treatment and is recommended for people who suffer from chronic pain.

5. Heat and Cold Therapy :-

Ice packs and heat can give relief from lower back pain. Cold is good for pain caused by injury. It cools down inflamed muscles and relaxes the back. For chronic pain, heart in the form of hot water bottles or warm baths increases circulation in the body, rejuvenating the muscles.

Parting Note

Home therapy is a great support to the medical help you get for pain. Ayurvedic ingredients are known to be anti-inflammatory and pain relieving which undoubtedly reduces pain. MY Dr Oil is one such product that has all the ayurvedic properties that reduce pain without any of the normal side effects like drowsiness and nausea you get with traditional painkillers.

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