Beat Pain at It's Very Core!

Where It All Started

The Idea of MY Dr. originated when Dr. Mastan Yadav observed that a lot of patients reported that any product they used for body pains only worked for a little while and that the pain was always back soon. Considering that the prolonged usage of painkillers could lead to many side-effects such as acidity, kidney damage and liver damage, we desired to make a pain relief product so effective that it provides instant as well as long-lasting relief with zero side effects.

After several years of groundwork, research and gruelling execution, MY Dr. products have come alive with the healing power of ayurveda, which we at Med Manor are very proud of. While simplicity and quick pain relief being our biggest USPs, MY Dr. products also provide you with a long-lasting solution with no side effects.

The Four Pillars For Your Pain Free Experience

Instant Relief from All Body Pains

Results that lasts longer than you’ve experienced before

Made from Nature’s Own Healing Values – Ayurveda

A Promised Side Effect Free Solution for your Body Pains

Old man and woman practicing yoga

Our Core Values

At MY Dr, pain relief has always been our core, and we aim to provide people with  absolute pain relief. And when we say absolute pain relief, we want nothing but pain relief.  No side effects, no pungent smell and no stickiness or stains. Here, we desire to provide happy and reliable pain relief experience to everyone who needs it.

Join Us In The Journey Towards Absolute Pain Relief!