Don't Let Pain
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Our Story

The idea of MY Dr. originated when Dr. Mastan Yadav observed that a lot of his patients reported that any product they used for body pains only worked for a little while and that the pain was always back soon. This became our fixation and true desire to make a product so effective that it helped with instant as well as long lasting relief. Two years of groundwork, research and gruelling execution gave birth to MY Dr., a brand we at Med Manor are very proud of. MY Dr. gets the best of both worlds, the understanding of both Allopathy and Ayurveda were used in making this the effective product that it is.

Why it aches?

bad posture

Bad Posture

It often increases tension in the muscles which in turn results in pain



Stress usually restricts the muscles movement, which eventually leads to pain

muscle pull image

Muscle Pull

The excess strain on muscles lead to tearing of tissues, causing muscle spasms

MY Dr. Pain Relief Oil Ingredients

pain relief oil pack


Acts as a Counter-irritant : Reduces pain and swelling.

Puteeha Satwa

Antispasmodic : soothes the muscles and relieves pain

Yavani Satwa

Has anaesthetic properties that soothe the pain and swelling

Bhutruna Tailam

A powerful Anti-Oxidant that Helps Combat Inflammation

Vatada Tailam

Combats Even C-reactive Protein, and subsides inflammations.

Gandhapuro Patra Tailam

Gandhapuro Patra Tailam

Topical Analgesic – aromatic, carminative, and stimulant oil.

Tila Tailam

A strong Anti-oxidant that Helps Reduce the Pain intensity.

Narikela Tailam

Excellent Lubricating agent, soothes stiffness in joints.

Tailparna Tailam (1)

Tailparna Tailam

Helps Ease the pain in Joints, stimulates better movement.

How MY Dr. Helps

instant pain relief

Instant Relief

Our advanced ayurvedic formula provides you with instant relief


Long Lasting

The proportionate blend of novel herbs provide lasting relief

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Tangible Results

Pain Relief that you can
actually feel!