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lower back pain myths

12 Lower Back Pain Myths

Lower back pains are common among people of all ages. Studies show that people between the age of 35 and 55 are more prone to lower back pain. But remedying the pain has a lot to do with your belief system. Surprised? Try this at home and office—Ask people for advice for your lower back pain. You will see the advice that you get will depend on what the persons believe. So, most likely the suggestions will range from bad posture to a soft mattress.

These advice are not essentially wrong. But ‘trying out’ suggestions without finding out the true reason for your lower back pain can only compound the problem. Let’s look at some of these myths about lower back pain.

1. Sitting up straight in chairs is the best

Yes, bad posture certainly strains your bones and muscles. But sitting up straight continuously will also strain your back. You need to, from time to time, rest your back on the chair, or even better, take a walk.

man facing lower back pain

2. Massage can cure the pain

Massages with warm oil can relieve lower back pain, but it will be a short-term relief. An understanding of the source of pain can only help address the pain.

3. Resting is important

This is perhaps the most-recommended solution for lower back pain. While it is not untrue, if you stay in bed for way too long, the pain will only worsen. The next myth that we discuss is also related to this factor.

woman taking rest

4. Skipping exercise

Yes, if you have lower back pain do not go for a full-blown regime at the gym. But you could rest for a day and return to the gym and start with easier and simpler exercises. This will help keep your muscles healthy and flexible. Moreover, once the immediate pain goes away, regular exercising can prevent the pain from returning.

5. It’s in my head

A lot of people who suffer from lower back pain believe that only back injuries can lead to lower back pain. And if he or she has not suffered from any injury in recent time then the pain is resultant of their regular lifestyle. While nobody is asking you to be paranoid, ignoring your pain is also not recommended. Moreover, lower back pains are not just born of injuries but also resultant of underlying problems, such as excessive stress or lack of nutrients or even sleeplessness.

6. X-Rays and MRIs are needed to detect cause of lower back pain

Untrue. Only if your body were to not respond to the doctor’s treatment will he or she send you in for an X-Ray or MRI. Usually it is not a knee-jerk reaction for any doctor unless there is cause to be certain that you have injured your back and an X-Ray or MRI is needed.

xray scan of body

7. It’s in the genes

Not really. When it comes to back pain there is no genetic predisposition, which means that parents do not pass their back conditions onto their children.

8. Lower back pain results from carrying heavy objects

Yes, carrying heavy objects can lead to lower back pain. But it has more to do with how you lift it and not how much you are lifting. If you bend or lurch or jerk your body when you lift a heavy object there is a greater chance of you injuring your back. Rather if you were to spread your feet and firmly plant it, keep your head and back straight and pick up the object, there are less chances of you suffering from a back injury. So, it’s always better to read up and understand the do’s and don’ts of weight lifting – Posture and otherwise.

man lifting weights

9. Lower back is related to childhood physical trauma

There is very little empirical evidence to prove that carrying heavy school bags in childhood leads to lower back pain in the later part of life.

10. You need a super firm mattress

A hard mattress can worsen your lower back pain. Conversely a very soft mattress will also hurt your back. Doctors usually recommend a medium-firm mattress for the back

11. Back pain means surgery

If you have decided to bite down and bear the pain because you are afraid of going under the knife, then it is a bad decision. First, the spinal cord, which is protected by the backbone, is very strong and cannot easily be damaged. The second is surgery is not the first solution for the doctor. A doctor will first exhaust all its non-invasive methods before opting for surgery.

surgeons prepping for a back surgery

12.It is an unavoidable part of growing up

Getting older does not have to be painful. While some aches and pains come with aging, staying physically fit through exercises that keep our bodies strong and flexible are a huge benefit. Bottom line is that back pain is not something you should have to live with.

Parting shot

No pain is permanent. It is not an imperative part of growing old and no, you should not stay quiet if it is hurting. Moreover, I would suggest not to depend on painkillers. If you have lower back pain, meet a chiropractor or an orthopedician. As much as lower back pain is common their causes too are most often reversible. You can always consider using ayurvedic pain relief products to get instant pain relief.

Besides the ones we discussed so far, wrong footwear, incorrect gait, muscle spasms, indigestion can also cause lower back pain. So if you think you are suffering from lower back pain talk about it. See a doctor, if necessary. But do not let innate myths stop you from living a pain-free life.

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