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Ayurveda: The Best Solution for Pain Relief

Body pain is one of the most common and recurring problems faced by millions of people globally. Chronic body pains are a serious issue and are not age-specific. While traditionally body pains were associated with older people, of late, some even as young as 16 are suffering from various body aches. Ayurveda for pain relief is an often overlooked but efficient solution to these problems.

Body pains can limit not just our physical movements but even our lifestyle if not tended to immediately. While many use certain surgical methods to counter the pains, some prefer various kinds of pain relief sprays and pills to get rid of the condition. However, it has often been seen that while some of these methods work temporarily, some have caused more harm than good.

This is where the natural elements and Ayurveda have proven to be a great medium of pain relief.  Ayurveda, through its unique perspective and ability to heal the pain from within gives not just relief from the pain, but is also a long-term solution for both acute as well as chronic pains.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a traditional system of medicine wherein natural ingredients are used to heal various conditions in a safe and scientific way. One of the oldest healing systems in the world, Ayurveda’s root belief lies in healing the patient both physically and emotionally. Promoting wellness and eradicating diseases and conditions by acting on them in a safe and natural way is the core principle of this system.

How does Ayurveda deal with pain?

An individual’s lifestyle, his/her stress levels and body posture are some of the main reasons for body pains. Ayurveda for pain relief tries to identify the root cause of the pain and provides a healing solution based on the lifestyle of the individual. This is the reason that over the last many centuries, Ayurveda has successfully helped in providing long-time relief to millions of people across the globe from various kinds of health conditions. Every individual responds differently to the same medication. Their bodily composition and reaction to certain elements in the medicine vary from each other.  Ayurveda can be tailored to meet each and every individual’s requirement and that is its biggest advantage.

Benefits of Ayurveda for Pain Relief

Boosts Immunity

Our immune system is the body’s natural defense system. It aids in tackling dangerous viruses and bacteria and a strong immune system can also help in leading a healthy and long life. Ayurveda, through some home remedies and the use of suitable herbs has been proven to boost the immune system. Hence Ayurveda for pain relief also gives you long term benefits.

Relieves Stress

One of the leading causes of body pain is stress. Ayurvedic massages and tonics are a great source of stress relief. These massages help in maintaining harmony between your body and mind.

Purifies the Body

The main role of Ayurveda is body detoxification or purification, as well as maintenance of the proper balance of toxins. Ayurvedic medications thoroughly cleanse the body inside out.

Heals Completely

Many herbal solutions prepared by Ayurveda practitioners assist in relieving pain naturally. These treatments include a change in lifestyle and a gradual increase in physical activity. Thus, Ayurveda is a perfect and complete healing process for body pain.

Popular Ayurveda Treatments for Pain

In Ayurveda, herbs as well as supplements are used for treating pain. Some medications contain “bhasma” that is mainly prepared from metals like iron, silver, and copper. Ayurveda for pain relief  also makes use of special oils containing herbs which provide a soothing and calm effect on the areas affected by pain.  


Daily massaging of oil is known to be a highly beneficial therapy for all kinds of ailments. Massaging aids in reducing pain as it reduces stiffness of joints as well as muscles, increases blood circulation and detoxifies the body. For best results, try to apply the oil by warming it at room temperature. Then massage this warm oil for 5-10 minutes on the pain affected areas. It will aid in healing by penetrating through the skin cells. Oil massages relax both muscle and muscle fibre and blood flow will improve drastically. Regular massage also has proven to calm our body and smoothen the skin.

Ayurvedic oil massage


If you are also suffering from severe back pain, muscle pain, or other types of body pain, you can also take Ayurvedic capsules that will relieve pain very quickly. These capsules are the fastest way to use Ayurveda for pain relief. Unlike oils and sprays, the capsules act internally on the pains and are proven to be quite beneficial when it comes to getting rid of chronic pain. However, we must always consult a medical practitioner before consuming any kind of pills.

Ayurvedic capsules


Aromatherapy is an often overlooked method of Ayurvedic pain relief. It has also been found that some essential oils of thyme, as well as rosemary, can increase the flow of blood to muscles by generating warmth. Peppermint also comes with some temporary effects of painkilling and is a common ingredient of aromatherapy. You need to sprinkle 2-3 drops of these essential oils in an aromatherapy diffuser, hot bath, or mix it with any massage oil.

Items for Aromatherapy

Ayurveda or Allopathy?

Both the systems have proven to bring relief to patients in their own ways and it is not a wise thing to compare the two. Even though the two systems belong to different schools of thought, there are some lessons that each can borrow from the other. 

Today, we are fortunate enough that we have an opportunity to bring back ancient Ayurvedic techniques. If the modern health system is combined with traditional Ayurvedic medicines, we will be gifted with excellent solutions for various kinds of health issues, including body pain. However, Ayurveda is gaining a lot of popularity especially when it comes to healing body pain as it presents pain-reducing, conscious, and self-aware methods that are beneficial as well as non-addictive. Many individuals today are moving from prescribed painkillers to Ayurveda due to its lack of side effects.

Bottom Line

Ayurveda is often effective for body pain when many other systems have failed. The simple philosophy of Ayurveda is to encourage individuals to implement healthy lifestyle habits so that pain and other health conditions do not recur. For Ayurveda, the cure for any disease lies not just in herbs and oils, but also in the patients’ choices.

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