Hip Pain – 5 Common Workout Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Hip pain can be very disrupting to your everyday life. Whether it’s osteoarthritis you’re dealing with or a simple tendon injury, hip pain drastically brings down your performance in your routine. Hip pain is one of the most common problems that affect young athletes and senior citizens. Of course, exercise will strengthen your joints, improve […]

10 Home Remedies For Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnant lady suffering from back pain

Back pain during pregnancy is a common complaint. Most women face this issue, but lucky for you, there are some pretty simple home remedies that you can use to relieve yourself from the intense pain. Easy, non-intrusive techniques that can help you do much better. Being pregnant is really hard and we’d like to help […]

Top 7 Foods Known to Relieve Chronic Pain

Healthly Food

The world might advance to levels unseen with all the technology and even find a cure to diseases that are known to have no cure. But as humans, our brains are wired to look for ways to prevent any sort of discomfort and hindrance to our bodies. Our ancestors have left behind them a huge […]

8 Simple Tips to Follow When Going Back to the Gym After a Long Time

Gym After A Long Time

As hard as it might have been for you to say goodbye to your gym during the pandemic, it’s going to be so much harder returning to your usual routine after such a long break. But maybe it wasn’t even the pandemic. Maybe you were recovering from an injury, or maybe you decided to devote […]

Tennis Elbow: Understanding Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Tennis Elbow

What Is It? Do you remember feeling a loss of grip and pain in your forearm after playing badminton after ages? Well, what you experienced is called a tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis. Activities on a daily basis that involve repetitive wrist extension, overuse of forearm or hand, gripping are possible common causes of tennis […]

Thigh Muscle Strain: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

thigh muscle strain

Our bodies are possibly the best designed system there will ever be. It weathers daily wear and tear along with regeneration of cells that cannot be repaired. Although it takes care mostly, some major injuries and strains need attention and care. Thigh muscles are subject to this kind of exertion daily, leading them to suffer […]

Why Your Ankles Pain From Running And Effective Exercises

Ankle Pain From Running

Among several types of pains and injuries, one of the most painful to even think of is an ankle injury. The ankle joint, although extremely flexible, is also most prone to injuries. That women need calcium supplements as they approach the age of 30 is a commonly known fact. So it comes as no surprise […]

Everything on DOMS and How To Deal With It

Muscle soreness

Ever wondered whether the pain after a workout is normal or not? Why you feel sore after a hardcore exercise? What to do when your whole body aches? Should you remain in bed or fight it out? Well, we are here to answer that and more. Read on to understand everything about post-workout pain. Understanding […]

4 Conditions That Can Cause Thigh Pain

Causes of thigh pain

Thigh pain, aching, or burning are common issues people deal with but must be properly taken care of. It can occur suddenly, most often due to an injury, or gradually and interfere with our normal daily functions. It is, therefore, important to understand the underlying cause of it as in some cases the pain could […]