Why Your Ankles Pain From Running And Effective Exercises

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Ankle Pain From Running

Why Your Ankles Pain From Running And Effective Exercises

Among several types of pains and injuries, one of the most painful to even think of is an ankle injury. The ankle joint, although extremely flexible, is also most prone to injuries. That women need calcium supplements as they approach the age of 30 is a commonly known fact. So it comes as no surprise that studies show females who are above 30 are at a higher risk of ankle sprains compared to their male counterparts. But that said, all of us need to pay attention to the common causes behind ankle sprain. 

Causes For Ankle Pain

Although there might be other serious underlying issues, it is not to dismiss some popular causes mentioned below:

1. Irregular Exercise

Although the pandemic has shed light on the significance of health and fitness, let’s admit it. Most of us are back to the vicious cycle of being irregular exercising. This makes the body stiff and less flexible, leading it to sprains and cramps easily when exerted. The body is not accustomed to such exertion or effortless movement. This is one of the easiest issues to be resolved because all it takes is for one to realize what their body is capable of and find an easy workout regimen accordingly. Staying regular however is the real challenge.

2. Overweight

Now this is a part of the vicious cycle that irregular exercise brings with it apart from unhealthy eating habits. While there are other serious issues that can be a cause for being overweight, this is one of the most common reasons. Being overweight causes the knees and ankles to become subject to more burden than they are designed to carry conveniently based on BMI. The pressure causes the joints to displace or injure easily.

But this issue is one that is easier to resolve than the others. Watching your diet and having a routine workout that suits your body will go a long way in helping resolve this issue.

3. Misfitting Footwear

One of the common causes, but most often ignored, is misfitting pairs of footwear. Footwear is a major part of our daily life and if you are a working professional, you are bound to spend at least 7 hours a day wearing footwear. Would you wear misfitting clothes for 7 hours straight and be comfortable? The same logic applies. Although the effects of misfitting footwear may not show right away, they will definitely surface soon, apart from causing permanent damage in the long run. The ideal size of footwear would allow at least half an inch of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. So the next time you buy footwear, you know what to pay attention to.

4. Rheumatism and Age-Related Issues

With age comes age-related issues, of which rheumatism is one that is common. Ankle pain is extremely painful among these that is rather hard to resolve when it is because of the age factor. Consulting a health expert is the best thing to do, apart from some simple exercises or physiotherapy that are age-specific.

Effective and Simple Exercises To Relieve Pain

Experts have found that there are basic exercises that you need to do to take care of everyday exertion. While we cannot do all exercises without the supervision of a trainer/expert, here are some simple exercises for all ages that are often overlooked as ineffective. These do not need supervision and can be performed at your convenience.

1. Squats

Stand straight with your legs apart. Slowly squat, bending your knees and push your hips back. Stay in that position for a few seconds before coming back up. Repeat this 5-10 times. Squatting helps strengthen back, legs and glute muscles.

2. Toe Bend

Sit straight up on a chair. Rest your foot flat on the floor and raise your toes upwards and hold for a few seconds. Come back to the resting position before bending your toe downwards and holding for a few seconds. Repeat this 5 times to help relieve sore ankles.

3. Big Toe Stretch

Sit straight on a chair and bring your left foot to rest on your right thigh. Gently bend your big toe upwards, downwards and sideways with your fingers. Stay in each position for a few seconds before switching positions. Do this with both feet about 5 to 10 times each. This helps strengthen and stabilize the muscles around your ankle.

4. Plantar Fascia Stretch

Although the name sounds complex, the exercise is really simple and effective in relieving ankle pain. Place your foot on a spherical or cylindrical object and exert light pressure as you roll your feet back and forth. Use the arch of your foot to do this for a few minutes. This exercise helps loosen the muscles around the heels and reduce the pain.

Ankle Pain Wisdom In a Nutshell

Like they say, it is all in the mind. No, not the pain, but your determination and grit to relieve the pain, be it sore ankles or weight gain. Because no pain is permanent and you are in charge of your body. It is no exaggeration to say ‘your body’s a temple’ because it really is! So treat it like one and it will take care of you. It is always better to rely on exercise and healthy food to eliminate any disorders than medication for long-term benefits. That said, if the condition requires medical attention, then there is no substituting that either. See your doctor today and get the right help. You can resort to Ayurvedic oils that help in relieving sore muscles as well, and not just allopathy.

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